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Kathryn Abugel
Kathryn Abugel

Delivering professional massages since 1992, I’ve come across so many different situations and personalities in need of treatment. It has been and still is quite a fun journey from movie stars, to rock stars to the creators and builders of Columbus Circle, just like the locals, they all have their aches and pains… not all in the same places tho…

Every “body” is like a canvas, or a key board, where a beautiful picture is created or a symphony…. the strokes are conducted and brushed according to the written notes with a little of the conductors input to make it great.

I must listen to the signs and symptoms differently than the usual person. I listen with my fingertips, the palms of my hands, while I watch and try to coordinate the breaths for better relaxation. With kids it is really fun. Since the verbal communication is entirely different with infants and toddlers, my inflection in my voice is paramount, eye contact as well as a relaxed hand is extremely important.

My work does not just involve those that want to have a relaxing massage before a night of dancing and dining.  I have established a trusted and professional client list that encompasses the sick, aged, young, and older clients with a bit of baby massage instruction on the side. It has been and is the most enjoyable experience of my working life.

With the many benefits of massage to choose from.. Pick one and book a massage to continue your good health today!

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