I love how I could walk into a room, or a church or a home and have the aroma bring me to a memory. Pine brings me to Christmas, pumpkinbrings me to Thanksgiving, cinnamon and vanilla brings me right to the kitchen. When applying massage lotions and creams, the same emotions and memory happens. I use aroma “therapy” as a tool in achieving
ultimate relaxation for the clients that come into my studio. Aromatherapy by definition is the practice of using volatile plant oils, including essential oils, for psychological and physical well-being. Now with the cold weather approaching, it is fun to play with different scents. Coconut will bring in thoughts of the beach, while lavender will be more healing and spa related and rose is always romantic. However romantic and psychologically pleasing using aroma therapy can be, we all need to be educated in the art of aromatherapy to achieve maximum results. Those with allergies need to be more mindful than those that are not as sensitive. Mineral oil based and paraffin based oils are also to be used with more caution.

Read Ingredient Lists
Read labels and familiarize yourself with the names of healthy natural ingredients and also of synthetic and toxic ingredients that you need to avoid.

Below is an abbreviated list of categories
that aromatherapy products frequently fall into:

Emotional Well-Being

Skin Care
Personal Fragrancing

Hair Care
Room Fragrancing

Hygiene Products
Household Cleaning

Individual Ingredients

Ask the experts. Oils go directly into the bloodstream so it is mandatory to investigate ingredients in order to understand what is good and not so good for our bodies. Barclay-Crocker is a company that originated in the Hamptons 18 years ago, now located in New Hampshire. Caitriona Barclay has the knowledge and the expertise and many years in the fragrance/aromatherapy business. Please check outh er website or call 1800 536 1866. They ship world wide and have an excellent selection of products and gift items. Use Coupon : SUBSCRIBE at checkout to receive 10% OFF your first order. I also use Neals Yard products. They don’t custom blend, but have a
wide variety of organic facial products as well as infant massage oils.

Golf Strategies

East Enders are grateful we have well groomed greens designed by celebrated architects, and lately, wonderful weather.  Golf has really become as popular on the East End as “beaching” it.  The golf ranges are full with perspective players to practice their perfect drive, as well as the putting greens for precise putt.  I watch the body more than the ball.

I work on the twisted bodies, with achy forearms and elbows.  Low back injuries are keeping my business booming.  I have some suggestions to make my business of massage transition from medical to just enjoyable.

Tai Chi.   The first position in Tai Chi, I know it as Wu Chi, is just about identical to the stance in addressing the ball (no… I don’t mean “hello ball” as Mr. Gleason so wonderfully exclaimed).
The practice of Tai Chi has kept my body in tact for many years, despite my complaints when studying as a mandatory course in massage school.  Little did I know I would use it on the lines in Walbaums as well as in my practice of massage.  Tai Chi teaches us body “awareness”.  This helps us to avoid injury, fatigued muscles, and low energy.  The benefits are really extraordinary when the form is practiced on a regular basis. It is easy and the rewards are many.

Feet are shoulder width apart, ankles are slightly bent, knees bent, pelvic is tilted, solar plexus hollowed, chest is soft., shoulders are up, back and down, arms resting on the saggetal plane, chin tucked.  Head reaching to the clouds like a “string of pearls”, while the tailbone is sinking toward the center of the earth.  “Tree-like” Rooted but able to bend in the wind.  This elongates the vertebrae so oxygen and blood flows freely.  All that is missing is the driver.
When I took my first golf lesson, out of two buckets of balls, I missed about 2 or three balls.  The rest all went relatively up, straight and pretty far for just a massage therapist.  It was a wonderful thing.  My golf instructor was amazed.  I am NOT a golfer.  But I needed to learn how the body works so when working on my clients that are, I understand where the potential injuries and aches would be and why.

Tai Chi is a dance. The practice involves some stretching, breathing while focusing on the body movements.  The form is done upright and can be completed in about 10 to 15 minutes.  Ideally a longer, slower practice is preferred however, more difficult. 
If in China Town, you can experience the authentic Tai Chi being performed by about 50 people, really early in the morning.  Usually after the form, they use fans to enhance the practice and are as beautiful to watch as a ballet at the Met.

Email me for more information about instructors here in the Hamptons and in NYC.  I have a great Tai Chi instructor here, and on the Upper East Side down by the water in Carl Schurz Park, where she does the form with some happy and healthy practitioners.

The form and practice of Tai Chi can be softer on the body, while stretching out those stuck muscle.  It is not a matt exercise.  It requires concentration, and diaphragmatic breathing while stretching in a non invasive way.   If you have any injuries or fragilities, , consult your physician prior to doing the form.
(Read about chiropractic & Tai Chi)

"Tips on Touching’, by Kathy Abugel, LMT., Pres. Hampton's Massage, Inc.

A; Setting the stage

1. Atmosphere, music on the right notes, setting the stage for the
massage will benefit the person getting the massage as well as the
person giving it. It is important to allow time enough for the
massage. Time for the after glow is just as important. Hopefully
the need to just jump off the table after the massage will be
avoided. Let the benefits of the massage take its course. Time is
really important, for the person giving the massage not to feel
rushed and the person getting the massage to feel relaxed and
comfortable with a clear head. Allow all the agendas to be put in the
back pockets at this time. Try not to schedule anything before the
massage, so the person giving the massage is relaxed and calm, and
the person receiving the massage can enjoy the lasting affects of the
oils, and general good feeling.

2. Creating the right atmosphere is all part of the therapy. A
warm, quiet room, fireplace going if available, soft lighting will
help the person receiving close their eyes comfortably, or an
aromatherapy mask will help. Doing the massage in a place that is
pleasing to the eye will help the person giving the massage as well
when thoughts seem to wander a bit. Plenty of room for moving around
is helpful. If possible, no sounds from outside should come in.
Listening to music that will comfort, no words for excess thoughts,
at the right sound level. Ask the person receiving the massage his
or her preferences as to the type of music preferred. This could
also include sounds of the sea, or rain, or just plain quiet. Asking
questions is very empowering to the receiver, listening will be even
more empowering


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