New in Fall 2010
Massage  therapy is one way of taking good care of our body.. Using great products on our skin is another..  why not do both?  I've been using
Neal's Yard
products for my own personal use as well as my practice for many years.  Traveled to London, and had the oils mailed here.. Neal's Yard Remedies, one of Britain's best known and most award winning brands has now come to America!
Neal's Yard provides us with organically grown ingredients to help us maintain healthy and younger looking skin.  Look and feel younger and healthier!

Scientifically formulated, certified organic bath and beauty products are now readily available here.  I am so pleased to be able to offer these products in my massage practice and to all who wish to look and feel younger and healthier.
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Please call on us for Sciatica pain ,headache, shoulder and neck pain, relaxation, stress, lymphatic drainage, edema, swelling and to reenergize.


"Healing occurs in many special and individual ways.

It usually takes two, the person on the table and the person through whom the healing energy is channeled. I am fortunate in that I have been able to establish trust with my clients, and am educated and in tune enough to listen with both ears before touching anyone.

One must be empathetic to each individual's situation and to know one's own limitations. Equally important, I know when to send a client to a medical or alternative practitioner. ...Providing a comfortable and trusting atmosphere enables the client to feel trusting enough to relax, breathe and help in their own healing. The client does the hardest work, trusting me, breathing out their aches and pains, wanting to be healthier than when we started."
..Kathy Abugel

For fourteen years Kathryn Abugel, a New York State Licensed Massage Therapist, has had a successful massage practice in the Hamptons. Serving summer and year round residents, she also enjoys a healthy referral practice with occasional Hamptons visitors.

Kathy studied massage therapy at the New Center for Holistic Therapies, (The New Center College, in Syosset). In addition to completing this 1700 hour course and her expertise in Swedish and European massage, Kathy is trained in Amma therapy, Infant Massage (the International Association of Infant Massage Therapists), Healing Touch and she studied Indian Champissage with Neranda Mehta in London. She has recently completed the Dr. Vodder course that was given by the ACOLS and is now certified in manual lymph drainage and complete decongestive therapies. (find out more)

Active and in demand, she has appeared on the Regis and Kathie Lee show, and has been featured in "Dan's Papers" articles on better health and holistic living. She was a massage therapist at the Southampton Bathing Corporation for several seasons, practiced at the US Open, and was a staff therapist for the Huggy Bear Tennis Tournament (a prestigious fund raising event that raises millions for children worldwide).

About My Work...

Having been in the Massage Business since about 1992, I’ve come across so many different situations and personalities in need of treatment. It has been and still is quite a fun journey from movie stars, to rock stars to the creators and builders of Columbus Circle, just like the locals, they all have their aches and pains… not all in the same places tho…

Every “body” is like a canvas, or a key board, where a beautiful picture is created or a symphony…. the strokes are conducted and brushed according to the written notes with a little of the conductors input to make it great.

I must listen to the signs and symptoms differently than the usual person. I listen with my fingertips, the palms of my hands, while I watch and try to coordinate the breaths for better relaxation. With kids it is really fun. Since the verbal communication is entirely different with infants and toddlers, my inflection in my voice is paramount, eye contact as well as a relaxed hand is extremely important.

My business does not just involve those that want to have a relaxing massage before a night of dancing and dining..I have established a trusted and professional business that encompasses the sick, aged, young, and older clients with a bit of baby massage instruction on the side. It has been and is the most enjoyable experience of my working life..

With the many benefits of massage to choose from.. Pick one and book a massage to continue your good health today!

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